Vivo Will be First With In-Display Fingerprint Reader in a Smartphone

BY Evan Selleck

Published 15 Dec 2017

Synaptics has confirmed that its mass producing in-display fingerprint sensors, and that the top 5 OEMs will be taking advantage of that technology.

Now, Forbes has a look at the first smartphone that will introduce an in-display fingerprint reader in a smartphone. In this case it was a pre-production model, as Vivo hasn’t announced the upcoming smartphone just yet. In the hands-on time, the in-display fingerprint reader was revealed to be fast and simple enough to use, much like it worked when it was in a standard button.

In an effort to save some battery life, the in-display fingerprint reader will only be activated when the user needs it. When it does, the user will see an image of a fingerprint on the screen, and it will disappear when the fingerprint is recognized and authenticated.

The most important bit is that the in-display fingerprint reader works as well as an owner would need it to, and that was in a pre-production model. Hopefully the technology in the final models, from Vivo and other manufacturers, are just as powerful and stable when they launch to the masses.

Are you looking forward to in-display fingerprint readers?

[via Forbes]