Video shows how you can use Android Wear for home automation

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Jul 2014

Android Wear

Tasker, when combined with its various plugins on the Play Store, is easily the most powerful app for any ecosystem out there. If you have the neccessary hardware in place, you can use Tasker to issue voice commands to control and automate your home via voice commands, as seen previously in many videos.

With Android Wear smartwatches now being released, things were bound to go to the next level with users controlling their home by issuing voice commands to their “smart” wrist watch, as shown in the video below. 

Developer Doug Gregory shows how he has been able to control the lighting in in house by using simple voice commands issued to his Gear Live.

Until Google releases Android for Home and opens up APIs for Google Now/Voice Actions, this is the closest unofficial way we are going to get to controlling our homes via our wrist. The only problem with this method is the small delay that occurs after the user issues a command and it actually taking place.

You can read all about Doug’s setup and the plugins he used here.