Todoist Announces Two-Way Real-Time Sync With Google Calendar

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 17 May 2017

Todoist is one of the most popular and powerful task managers out there. However, so far, it has lacked proper integration with Google Calendar to help one keep up their tasks and other daily events. That changes today as Todoist has now announced official integration with Google Calendar.

This two-way ‘deep integration’ between Todoist and Google Calendar will ensure that all the tasks that you add to Todoist will automatically show up in your Google Calendar. You can easily edit the said tasks from the calendar and any changes you make will show up on Todoist as well.

Todoist will also allow one to sync tasks from only selected projects if you want to keep your calendar clutter free. And since this is a two-way sync, any task that you create in Google Calendar will also show up in Todoist. To make it easier to identify tasks synced from your calendar, all such tasks will show up as having a @gcal label in Todoist. Again, you can edit this label as you wish.

If you were already using IFTTT or Zapier to sync your Todoist tasks to Google Calendar, it is recommended that you turn them off first otherwise you will end up with duplicate tasks in your calendar.

You can find the steps to integrate Todoist with Google Calendar over here.

[Via Todoist]