google kitkat statues

8 great Android 4.4 features you may have overlooked

Dive into KitKat’s full potential with its less prominent functions.

usbtophone 3203

How to hook up a USB flash drive to your Android device

Bear in mind you'll have to have a rooted device for this to work.

prepare lead image

Prep your Android phone to help you during a disaster

Thanks to smartphones and social networks, disaster prep is easier than ever.


How to disable Android bloatware without rooting your phone

It's seriously as easy as counting to three.


How to set a mobile data limit on your Android phone

You'll be able to catch yourself before you go over your monthly data limit with this built-in Android feature

googlenow travel primary

How to make Google Now your best travel buddy

Google’s predictive Google Now service can pull out essential travel details from Gmail to keep you sane when out of town.


How to find your lost phone or tablet with Android Device Manager

Google will help you find your hardware, even if it's just buried under a bunch of clothes.

daydream header

How to set up Daydream: Android’s overlooked, customizable docking screen

Your phone can do so much more than show a blank screen while charging.


5 ways to get more from Google+'s photo features

Don't let it collect dust in your applications drawer. Put it to use with these quick tips.

set default apps primary

How to set and clear default applications in Android

Learn how to set and change default application on your Android phone or tablet.


How to get free money for the Google Play Store

Apps, videos, and e-books cost money, but you can get free credit by filling out very short surveys.


It's ridiculously easy to get the Google Launcher on any phone with Android 4.4

Don't have a Nexus or Google Play Edition device? No problem!


Tap your phone to sleep with a simple, free app

Knock Lock lets you double-tap your phone to put it to sleep. Never touch your power button again!

themer header 2

Themer: The custom launcher for lazy people

One tap and BAM! All your friends will be so impressed.

htc one m8 hi res

13 tips and tricks to master your HTC One (M8)

Go from newbie to expert in 10 minutes with this collection of tips.

flash on android primary

How to hack Adobe Flash onto your modern Android phone

Flash support on Android died several years ago, but you can get it back.

savemoneyeatingout primary2

With these Android apps, you'll never again pay full price when eating out

Harness the power of the purse with these discount services, designed to get you the most meal for your buck at restaurants and take-out.

galaxy s5 tips primary

Get the most from your Samsung Galaxy S5 with these 16 tips and tricks

A great phone gets even greater if you know all the ins and outs.

customize fonts primary

How to customize your Android system fonts

Android’s default system font is pretty boring. Spice things up with an easy font change.


How to fake the Moto X's active notifications on your Android phone

Don't have a Moto X? No problem. Here are two apps that mimic the device's neat notification functionality.

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