google now voice primary

A list of all the Google Now voice commands

What can you do with your voice on your Android phone? More than you know!

google keyboard tips main

5 awesome Google Keyboard features you probably don't know about

The best Android keyboard keeps getting better.

Pokemon Go

Tip: Find Pokémon Go stops and gyms using the official Ingress live web map

If you want to dominate the world of Pokémon Go, it can't hurt to put this map to use in order to find prime hunting locations.

android profile pic lollipop

How to change your profile photo in Android Lollipop

Follow these simple steps to add a different image to your profile on an Android Lollipop phone or tablet.

onetoday 2

Google's One Today makes it so easy to donate, you have no reason not to

If you have some extra cash, all you have to do is download the app to start helping others.

lg g3 tips

16 simple tips and tricks to get more from your LG G3

These tips will quickly have you using LG's new flagship phone like a pro.


Copy and paste everything with StuffMerge, an Android super clipboard

This paid app lets you copy more than one chunk of text, as well as images and links, and then paste them at will without any hassle.


Don't want to wait for Android L? Try Android Runtime (ART) now

Don't want to wait for Android L to get the performance boost the new Android Runtime promises? KitKat users can try it right now!


How to add loyalty programs to Google Wallet

Leave your loyalty program cards at home after you add them to the Google Wallet app.


How to use PushBullet to send notifications from your Android phone to a computer

This free app lets you leave your phone in your pocket or bag, and check on notifications and messages just by glancing at your desktop display.

encrypt communications primary

How to encrypt your Android communications to prevent spying and stop thieves

Scrambling your mobile communications makes it harder for criminals to pluck out juicy chunks of data, like banking passwords.

android chrome beta

How to make browsing the web faster and more efficient on Android

Don't settle for a less than optimal browsing experience.


Put contact info on your lockscreen in case you lose your phone

This incredibly simple tip could help someone bring your lost Android device back to you.

rec primary

How to use native screen recording in Android 4.4 - with and without root

Google hasn’t made this awesome feature very easy to find, but we'll show you how.


How to disable autocorrect on Android

There is nothing wrong with being a sloppy typer.


Beautiful Icon Styler lets you use icon packs without rooting

It's super easy to use and it takes just a few taps to get going.


SideControl is an app for Android that makes multitasking work on your terms

Set up gestures, make taps fly in and out of nowhere, and add some extra functionality to Android for free.

gps lead image 2

Turn your Android device into the ultimate GPS back-country navigator

Here’s how to optimize your Android device for remote overland travel, on foot or vehicle. And we're not talking about turn-by-turn navigation for the nearest Starbucks.


Explore offline maps in Google Maps for Android

It could be the difference between a successful vacation and a disastrous one.


Customize your Android lock screen with DashClock

DashClock offers an incredibly flexible lock screen widget to get at-a-glance information from a wide variety of services

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