Themer pulled from the Play Store due to Apple’s copyright complaint over iOS 7 Theme (Update: Its back)

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 11 Feb 2014


Themer — the highly customisable launcher that allows users to apply beautiful themes from the MyColorScreen website at the tap of a button — has been suspended from the Play Store because of a copyright complaint from Apple. 

Apple claimed that the “Seven” theme in the Themer repository infringed their copyrights by including many icons from iOS7. The Themer team immediately removed the theme from their directory, hoping that the app would be re-released on the Play Store in a few days.

Sadly, because of how things work at Google, the app has still not returned on the Play Store — a week after it was removed. Even though the Apple lawyers have given Themer a green signal, the team has no idea when their app would be re-listed on the Play Store.

The team has replied to Google’s letter and contacted everyone they know over at Google in a bid to get their app back on the Play Store to no avail. Until and unless someone at Google confirms that Themer is no longer infringing on the copyright claim from Apple, there is no way the app will be back on the Play Store.

Hopefully, coverage about this incident from all the blogs on the Internet will help Themer gain some eyeballs over at Google, helping the app to return to the Play Store sooner than later.

Update: Themer is now back on the Play Store.