Images of TCL’s Upcoming Phone with Slide-Out Screen Leaked

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 17 Feb 2020

Smartphone manufacturers are coming up with new designs and form factors almost every day. Samsung is striving hard to make foldable displays mainstream while others like Oppo are experimenting with various arrangements for the selfie camera. Now a render of TCL device shows off a slide-out screen.

The leaked renders depict an unnamed TCL device that comes with a slide-out display. Apparently, the display can be pulled out and slid back again. However, this also means that the device must be very thick and bulky. Also, this arrangement of the display is not something that will eliminate display crease. It is also very difficult to imagine whether the display will roll up when slid inside or not.

In all likelihood, TCL would have offered us a glimpse at the new device at the MWC. However, due to coronavirus epidemic MWC is canceled and we are not sure as to when TCL will launch this device. Things would be a lot clearer once TCL announces the device or shows it off to the media. Until now foldable devices have featured a display that opens up, this is the first time we are seeing the foldable display in slider avatar.

Starting from 2018, TCL was responsible for manufacturing and selling the BlackBerry phones. Earlier this month, the company announced that it will stop selling BlackBerry devices starting from August 31st, 2020. Once the agreement ends, TCL will no longer hold the rights to design and sell the devices. Meanwhile, BlackBerry is battling for its life as sales have plummeted and the contract with TCL will end in August this year.

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