Sunshine update adds S-OFF support for HTC One M9 and SIM unlock for most HTC handsets

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 19 Apr 2015

HTC One M9

Sunshine — the tool that allows you to S-OFF and gain root access a wide variety of HTC and Motorola devices — was updated to v3.1 today to add S-OFF support for HTC’s latest flagship — the One M9.

The steps for gaining S-OFF on the One M9 are slightly more cumbersome when compared to other handsets, and requires users to unlock the boot loader first, gain root access and then use the Sunshine tool. Right now, the tool supports all the variants of the One M9, except for the Verizon one, though work on adding support for it is underway.

Apart from adding support for the One M9, the update also adds the ability to SIM Unlock most of the new GSM-based devices from HTC. Sadly though, the One M9 is currently not supported. The tool also does not work with CDMA based handsets from Sprint.

The SIM unlock feature is currently in “experimental” stages, so your mileage may vary, but be rest assured that with time these issues will be sorted. As of now, the SIM Unlocking feature is not yet included in Sunshine, but it will be added in due time. Until then, users can use this tool to SIM unlock their HTC handset.

Sunshine is a paid tool and paying $25 will allow users to gain S-OFF on one device.

[Via @jcase]