Samsung to Resume Galaxy Note 7 Sales on October 21 in the United States

BY Evan Selleck

Published 19 Sep 2016

On September 19, Samsung outlined how owners of the Galaxy Note 7 would be able to identify if their new flagship phablet was outfitted with a brand new battery.

In the wake of that news, it has been reported by VentureBeat that Samsung plans to kickstart Galaxy Note 7 sales in the United States a few weeks from now. Specifically, the report states that Samsung plans on selling new Galaxy Note 7 units in the U.S. beginning Friday, October 21. The report indicates that these are tied to new shipments arriving to U.S.-based carriers, so regional sales will be different across the globe.

Specifically, it’s expected that Samsung will restart sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea, its home country, before the end of September.

Since the recall of the Galaxy Note 7, both from Samsung itself and a formal recall soon after, the company has been working on either exchanging devices for current owners, or offering full refunds on those who simply wish to return their handset and go with another.