Samsung Galaxy S6 to incorporate touch-based fingerprint scanner

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 16 Jan 2015

Fingerprint scanner

Samsung has included a swipe-based fingerprint sensor on all its high-end devices since the Galaxy S5. Compared to Apple’s Touch ID, Samsung’s fingerprint sensor implementation is not up to the mark and provides a frustrating user experience, since users are required to swipe at a certain angle and speed on the sensor, which is not convenient at all on a day to day basis.

Now, it looks like Samsung has realized its mistake and is looking to implement a touch based fingerprint sensor on its upcoming Galaxy S6. According to sources of SamMobile, Samsung will still be integrating the fingerprint sensor inside the physical Home button on the Galaxy S6, but will increase its size marginally to improve the experience.

SamMobile sources indicate that the Korean giant is not working on any new software features that will take advantage of the fingerprint sensor, but it will at least be incorporating all the features that we have already seen on the Galaxy S5. This includes a fingerprint based unlock mechanism, the ability to sign-in to websites using your fingerprint and more.

Rumors indicate that Samsung has gone back to the drawing board for the Galaxy S6. From what the leaks indicate, it looks like Samsung is fixing every major complaint that previous Galaxy S users had with the handset, which even includes optimizing TouchWiz to make it as fast as the Nexus 6.

[Via SamMobile]