Samsung Galaxy S6 to feature a 20MP camera with OIS

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 11 Feb 2015


Various reports and rumors have indicated that Samsung will be using either a 16MP or 20MP camera on the Galaxy S6. Now, according to one of the insiders of SamMobile, who got his hands on a prototype of the Galaxy S6, the Korean giant is going to use a 20MP sensor on its upcoming flagship.

The 20MP sensor will offer a maximum resolution of 5952*3348 to click pictures along with 15MP, 11MP, 8MP, 6MP and 2.4MP resolutions. The sensor on the prototype is made by Samsung and carries the model number SLSI_S5K2T2_FIMC_IC. It will also feature optical image stabilisation to improve image quality in low-light and help in reducing jerks while recording videos.

It is, however, unclear if Samsung plans to use the same 20MP sensor on the final retail unit of the Galaxy S6 or not. There are multiple reasons as to why Samsung might not go with this sensor on its upcoming flagship, including its price and the company’s capability on producing enough units.

On the front, Samsung plans on using a 5MP shooter that will, apparently, be the same sensor that it has used on its Galaxy A devices.

The source of SamMobile also reports that Samsung is taking advantage of the new Camera APIs introduced by Google in Lollipop to offer a Pro mode in the camera, which will allow users to chose between different focus modes. It is unclear if Samsung will also allow users to play around with ISO levels, shutter speed and more under this new mode or not.

Samsung will also be making the new Gallery app on the Galaxy S6 more intuitive and easier to use for newbies by showing text and icons for all controls inside the UI.

The camera on Samsung’s flagship devices have always been impressive in daylight, but their image quality drastically goes down with the light levels. In addition, the camera and gallery app on its devices slow down over time, which further deteriorates the user experience. Nonetheless, it looks like Samsung is all set to fix all such issues on the Galaxy S6 to offer a truly stellar camera performance and experience.

[Via SamMobile]