Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Note 2 Specs Comparison

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 10 Sep 2013


With IFA coming to an end, nearly all the most anticipated handsets of 2013 have been unveiled. Last week, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 3, which undoubtedly, rules the phablet market. The Note 3 is a beast in every sense, as was expected from the device. Not only is the Note 3 slimmer, faster, lighter than the Note 2, it also manages to include a bigger screen and a slightly beefier battery. The Note 3 is packed to the brim, and includes all the latest and greatest technology of 2013, except for maybe an OIS camera sensor.  While from the front, the Note 3 looks like a Galaxy device from Samsung, there is a surprise at the back of the handset. Instead of the flimsy and extremely thin plastic back cover, Samsung has used a faux-leather on the back to give the Note 3 a slightly premium feel. Below is a small on-paper specs comparison of the Note 3 with its predecessor, the Note 2, which shows how much of a improvement the Note 3 really is.


The Galaxy Note will be available in most of the worldwide markets by the end of September, and will be available on all the major US carriers as well.