Samsung Galaxy F in ‘glowing gold’ hue struts its way online

BY Evan Selleck

Published 21 Jun 2014

image Galaxy F leak

Looks like Samsung may just be going a little overboard this time around with the gold hue. While we’ve seen plenty of leaks in the past centered on Samsung’s “better” Galaxy S5, after they officially unveiled the Galaxy S5 LTE-A for South Korea earlier this month, most people thought the Galaxy F would disappear. That’s apparently not the case.

To be direct, there was some speculation that the handset we had seen plenty of times in the past, which had indeed carried the name Galaxy F quite frequently, was ultimately the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, and that we had seen its official unveiling earlier in June. Turns out that that might not be the case at all, and despite Samsung’s apparent plans to not launch the Galaxy S5 LTE-A in another market, it looks like that’s just a half-truth.

What may end up happening is what we’ve been seeing all along: the eventual announcement, and launch, of the Galaxy F. As you can see from the image above, in all of its “glowing gold” glamor, it looks exactly like the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, and yes, it will probably share plenty of features with that handset. The main difference, though? And the one that Samsung is going to use to justify the release of this flagship flagship? A change in branding. That’s where the Galaxy F will come in. See? It’s not really a Galaxy S at all! Don’t you pay any mind to that other handset launched in that other market. That’s not important!

What’s more, as @evleaks points out in the post accompanying the leaked image, Samsung is apparently happy with two gold hues. If you’ll recall, we’ve already seen this handset leak with a “perfect golden” color scheme, and apparently this isn’t the same device.

Does anyone else feel like we’re in a magic show, but we’ve seen all the ways the tricks are done?

[via @evleaks]