Samsung says a ruggedized version of the GS4 will come out this year

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 24 Apr 2013

For the next few days and weeks, Samsung is going to hold Galaxy S4 launch parties all over the world. According to T-Break Technology, during the GS4 launch party in Dubai, the Head of Samsung Gulf Electronics, Young Soo Kim, revealed that the South Korea Korean company is going to come out with a version of the GS4 that’s waterproof and dustproof in “the months ahead”.

This is where the “news” stops and my speculation begins. I highly doubt that Samsung has enough DRAM and 5 inch 1080p OLED screens floating around their factories to launch a GS4 variant tailored for people who work at construction sites. That being said, I do think that Samsung could probably make the GS4 Mini waterproof and dustproof as an added point of differentiation.

And as for the release date of this rugged phone, that’s up in the air. Coming months could mean two months, it could mean six months, which is why my head says “this year”.