Reminder: The Note 3 for AT&T is out today

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 4 Oct 2013

If you’re an AT&T customer, and there’s a good chance you are because they’re America’s second largest wireless operator, then prepare to become $300 poorer today. The Galaxy Note 3, which has already been out in various parts of Europe and Asia since September 25th, is now available from AT&T. That $300 price tag includes a two year contract, of course, but you already knew that. And while you may think that’s a lot of money to fork over, note that the Note 3 comes with 32 GB of memory, not 16 GB, like Samsung’s previous phones.

But seriously, should you buy a 5.7 inch smartphone? Look, take it from someone who jumped from a 3.5 inch iPhone to a 5.5 inch Galaxy Note II. Once you go big, it’s damn near impossible to go back to something smaller. Even the 5.0 inch Galaxy S4 feels like a toy to me, but that’s partially due to the plastic construction. And that’s another thing, while the Note 3 is definitely plastic, it uses a new matte plastic that everyone on the internet seems to say feels a million times better than Samsung’s old handset portfolio.

Is there any device worth waiting for assuming you’re on the fence about the Note 3? Well, the LG Nexus 5 should be unveiled by the end of this month. And between that phone and February/March, you’re not really going to see a ton of new devices. There’s the GS5 in six months, but can you wait six months?