Red Nexus 5 boxes make an appearance in leaked photos

BY Abhijeet Mishra

Published 27 Jan 2014

Red Nexus 5 boxes pop up in leaked photos

Well, things are looking up for those waiting for a red Nexus 5, as after the device was seen in leaked photos last week, its retail box has decided to strike a pose for the camera. Twitter user @artyomstar has posted a couple of pictures showing a red Nexus 5 box, and while you might be considering calling it a fake, it is anything but.

Why? Because if you look closely at the picture down below, you can see multiple Nexus 5 16GB boxes with the text “GBR RED RED” on them. The photos suggest that retail units are sitting in some warehouse ready to be shipped to retailers and carriers, which indicates that the rumored February launch time frame might turn out to be accurate. Considering next month also includes Valentine’s Day, the red Nexus 5 could make for a wonderful gift for your other half, at least if you can get in on the ordering action while initial stocks last.

The only question now is whether Google will be offering its latest flagship in the rumored yellow, purple and other flashy colors somewhere down the line. It’s certainly possible, even if the video that showed us the existence of these color variants was pretty much a fake, but for now, it’s a certainty that at least a red edition will soon be joining the black and white models.