Is this piece of metal the first Galaxy S5 leak?

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 25 Nov 2013

What you’re looking at above and below are photographs of what’s believed to be the metal frame of Samsung’s next high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S5. Said frame measures 143.83 mm tall by 72.27 mm wide. To put that into some perspective, the Galaxy S4 is 136.6 mm tall by 69.8 mm wide. Does this mean the S5 will have a larger screen than the S4? Of course it does, when has there ever been a new Samsung flagship phone that’s smaller than the old one?

Looking a bit deeper, the cutouts seem to indicate that Samsung will be changing the location of the camera from the center of the device to the left edge, similar to the Apple iPhone. One thing I’d also like to point out is that just because the frame is made out of metal, that doesn’t mean the entire device will.

So what’s actually “known” about the S5 thus far? Some rumors say it’ll have a 64-bit chip, but I doubt that. Other rumors say it’ll have a 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), which sounds highly probable given how both LG and Nokia have released several phones during this year that feature OIS.

When exactly are we going to hear more about the GS5? The GS2 was announced in February and then it started shipping in April. The GS3 was announced in May and shipped later that month. The GS4 was announced in March and started shipping in April. If I had to make a guess, I’d say we’re going to see an April event and an April shipment date.

And yes, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, but you already know that.