OnePlus shows off official cases and covers for the OnePlus One

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Jun 2014


Majority of the interested consumers are still waiting for an invite to get their hands on the elusive OnePlus One but that has not stopped the company from showing off some new accessories for its handset including a screen protector and clear cases.

The Clear Case for the OnePlus One looks particularly well done and sports a cut-out for the camera and for the logo right below it as well. The company also gives us a look at a normal back cover for the One in bright yellow color, which will definitely garner attention to handset in public.


Apart from this, the company also posted some pictures of the OnePlus Flip Cover and screen protectors for their handset. Sadly, they did not announce anything about the availability or release date of these accessories. Since the OnePlus One is relatively unheard off outside the world of Internet, cases and other accessories are going to be scarce for it. By releasing official accessories, OnePlus will be trying to alleviate these issues for its customers.

However, considering how this relatively new company is struggling to meet the demand for the handset, I doubt we are going to see these accessories go on sale anytime soon.

[Via OnePlus]