OnePlus reveals OxygenOS team featuring members of Paranoid Android, new logo and more

BY Evan Selleck

Published 12 Feb 2015

image OxygenOS Team

At the end of January 2014, OnePlus officially announced the name of their brand new ROM, OxygenOS, and revealed only a small amount of details regarding the upcoming software.

Since then, though, the company has provided a sneak peak of the software and what it will feature when it launches later this year. OnePlus says that the new ROM is right around the corner, actually, and as such has decided to shed some light on the people that are behind the new ROM, including members of the Paranoid Android team. It’s a big focus on making impressive software, and getting impressive developers to bring it to the masses is just as important, so here’s how the team will look:

    Head of Mobile Product:
    Helen (Canada): Helen worked as a software development engineer and program manager at Microsoft before moving on to various startups in the Seattle area. We are proud to have Helen leading and coordinating our OxygenOS team.

    Android Technical Lead:
    Aaron (USA): Creating his own custom Android ROM “cookies&cream” for the Nexus 7 at the age of 18, Aaron went on to help co-found Paranoid Android in 2012, serving as a team leader and software architect. Aaron has also worked for Intel, assisting the delivery of their Android Lollipop OTA. We are ecstatic to have him and his wealth of experience leading our team of developers.

    UI/UX Designer:
    Arz (India): At only 19 years of age, Arz has extensive experience in graphic design and possesses in-depth knowledge of Android theming, including UI frameworks. Creating some of the most popular themes on the Google Play store, Arz is the lead designer at Paranoid Android and the lead UI/UX designer for OxygenOS.

    Android Development Team:
    Carlo (Italy): Former medical student turned Android hacker. With years of experience as a Android engineer, Carlo currently contributes to Paranoid Android as a maker of awesome things.

    Hieu (Canada): As a software architect at Paranoid Android, Hieu’s specialties include OS optimizations and power management. All-around “hardware enabler,” there is nothing Hieu can’t fix.

    Jesús (Colombia): Creating several notable Android applications, Jesús is an independent developer and co-founder at Paranoid Android. He’s primarily working on an OxygenOS headline feature (which will be revealed soon)!

    Karim (Lebanon): Karim is an entrepreneur and former software development intern at Google. He is the resident app developer on the OxygenOS team.

    Yamil (Spain): Yamil is the “master of enterprise code,” bringing a new perspective to the startup space. He is responsible for the OxygenOS recovery module.

On top of that, OnePlus has also revealed the brand new logo for OxygenOS, which shares plenty of similarity to the standard OnePlus logo:

image OxygenOS logo

What do you think of the team behind OxygenOS? Are you looking forward to the new software?

[via OnePlus]