OnePlus hints at a wood back for the One, could be revealed on July 22

BY Evan Selleck

Published 10 Jul 2014

OnePlus One wood tease

Knocking on wood is meant to bring someone good luck in a particular situation, and based on this new teaser image, OnePlus could very well be asking everyone to knock on wood on July 22, just in hope that they can calm the waters around their recent launch of their One flagship device. Or, it could mean something else entirely.

The hint, which you can see above, has many people suggesting that OnePlus could be gearing up to launch a new backplate for the One Android-powered smartphone. That would follow in the footsteps of Motorola, which added a series of wooden and wood-inspired backplates to the Moto X through its Moto Maker system not too long ago.

It could also mean that OnePlus is gearing up to launch their StyleSwap covers, which would allow for an owner to easily swap out the backplate of their OnePlus One whenever they wanted. Changing things up to include a wooden backplate would indeed be an interesting way to launch that new feature for the handset.

But would it be enough to turn things around for the company, which has seen a shaky invite system put in place, delays to shipping on more than one occasion, and other hiccups? Some good news did come in the form of Android L, though, with the company confirming that they would update the handset to the newest version of Android within 90 days of the software being released.

Did you pick up a OnePlus One? Would you consider getting one with a wood back?