OnePlus Giving Away Loop VR Headset for Free; To Offer ‘World’s First Global Shopping Experience in VR’ with OnePlus 3

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 23 May 2016

Loop VR headset

Last year, OnePlus became the first company to launch its handset through a VR event. In a bid to promote the event, the company even went ahead and shipped the OnePlus Cardboard viewer to 30,000 of its fans and loyalists for free to enable them to view the launch event in VR. This year, for the launch of OnePlus 3, the company is taking things to the next level with its Loop VR headset.

While the OnePlus Cardboard was made of……cardboard, the Loop VR headset is a more upmarket headset that is made of plastic and offers a better and comfortable VR experience than the Cardboard. Developed in association with AntVR, OnePlus notes that this headset will also offer a more immersive experience.

Like last year, OnePlus is giving away 30,000 units of its Loop VR headset for free, including shipping, to its customers right now. For its Indian customers, the company is going to hold a sale for the headset on June 3rd and June 7th on Amazon where it will be selling the headset for Rs. 1 + shipping.

OnePlus 3 Loop

Additionally, OnePlus reveals that this time around, customers will be able to order the OnePlus 3 in VR — a first in the smartphone or for any market for that matter.

While the Never Settle company provided details about the OnePlus 3 launch event, it did not reveal the day on which the event will be held. Rumors indicate that the OnePlus 3 will be launched towards the end of Q2, so a launch sometime in the second half of June seems plausible. The OnePlus 3 is expected to sport a Snapdragon 820 chipset and up to 6GB RAM. The handset is also believed to come with a new fast charging technology called Dash Charge. A leaked press render of the handset from earlier this month showed it as having a slim profile, a beautiful metal unibody design and an AMOLED screen.

It looks like unlike the last two years, OnePlus has decided not to unnecessarily hype the launch of its flagship killer and let the launch event and the product itself do the talking. I, for one, am glad that the company has taken this decision. What do you think?