Four Galaxy Note III variants semi-confirmed

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 9 Jul 2013

I can’t figure out which site was the first to discover the Galaxy Note III User Agent Profile, the file that Samsung hosts on their servers so app makers and web developers can see which features a device supports, but I did find something a bit more juicy.

There’s a website out there called “Zauba” that claims to be “Home to India’s import and export data.” They have, from what I can tell, a database of each and every device to flow in and out of India. So I did what anyone would do, I searched for SM-N900, the alleged model number of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note III.

Remember how yesterday I said there would be four Galaxy Note III variants? Well, I found the SM-N900A, SM-N900P, SM-N900T, and SM-N900V. Could these three variants simply be carrier specific versions of the Note III that have specific radios? Possibly, but that’s not how Samsung usually does things. Take the Galaxy S4 for instance. We all know it as the GT-i9505 (Qualcomm) or GT-i9500 (Exynos). The Chinese variant is called the GT-i9502; it has its own model number.

What do the letters at the end of the model name mean? Haven’t got the slightest clue. I’m throwing this “research” out there for those willing to poke their noses in places I can’t.

Update: Also just found the SM-N900S, though that only appears once, whereas the other models appear several times in the database.