Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumor: Will be available in curved and standard display models

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 12 Jun 2014


There have been plenty of rumors floating around about the Galaxy Note 4. Prominent among these are the ones that talk about the device sporting a curved display. It has now come to light that the Korean manufacturer is looking to launch two variants of the smartphone – one with a curved display and the other with a regular flat screen panel.

We’re not aware of the specifics, but in simple words, this means that Samsung wants to have a curved display version of the upcoming flagship phablet for its key markets and the regular variant with almost the same internals to every other market.

Customers in those not so crucial markets can still expect to see the QHD display on the handset though, which is a consolation really. The real reason for this two-tiered launch system is the company’s inability to mass produce the curved display in required quantities. The smartphone is also expected to feature a Snapdragon 805 SoC and a newer Exynos chipset depending on the market.

Other features include a 16-megapixel camera sensor and perhaps Android 4.4.3, unless Google launches an even newer version of Android by then. It is possible that we’ll see Samsung unveiling an Android Wear based smartwatch during the launch event as well, which seems plausible given that the company is expected to launch one sometime soon. The rumored Galaxy Glass might make an appearance there as well.

[Source: Korea Times, Via: Sam Mobile]