Rumor: The Samsung Galaxy Note III will ship with a never before seen design language

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 15 Apr 2013

SamMobile published several rumors over the weekend, many of them related, so let me reorder them chronologically to tell a better story. Starting with the Galaxy S4, Samsung had prototypes of that device that were built using a metal body. The company really wanted to go with the metal variant, but they simply didn’t have the resources to mass produce them.

When HTC announced the One, which has a gorgeous aluminum unibody design, Samsung got “worried” that they might be losing their edge, so they decided to make the Note III something special. Whereas before the Note III would’ve been nothing more than a jumbo S4 with a stylus, now it’s going to introduce a brand new design language for Samsung.

Does this mean the Note III will be made out of metal? That hasn’t been determined yet. SamMobile also says that the Note III will have a 6.0 inch 1080p AMOLED display, which is larger than the previous rumors that said it would have a 5.9 inch panel. As for the rest of the device, it’s the S4 all over again: 13 megapixel camera and an Exynos 5 Octa.

When will Samsung announce the Note III? The first Note was announced at IFA in Berlin. The second Note was announced at IFA in Berlin. If I had to make a guess about the Note III, I’d say it’ll be shown off at IFA in Belin, though it wouldn’t surprise me if Samsung held their own event considering the Note is such an important product family.