Nice: Google issues refunds for excessive shipping fees for the Nexus 7 protective sleeve

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 15 Aug 2013

The accessories you buy for your device can sometimes be as important as the device itself. Case in point: My Galaxy Note II, I bought an orange flip cover the same time I bought the phone. The original battery cover door for the phone still has the protective plastic sheet applied, and it’s sitting in the original box in my closet. When you spend money on an expensive piece of tech, you kind of want to make sure it doesn’t break, right?

Google, who began shipping the new Nexus 7 a few weeks ago, started selling an official sleeve for the device yesterday. For $30, it’s a bit much considering the device itself is just $230, but I digress. The problem with the case was that Google charged upwards of $20 to ship it, which is nuts.

Enough people have complained that Google has begun issuing refunds to those who paid the outrages shipping fees. Google obviously didn’t have to do this, but they likely wanted to get on people’s good sides.