Nexus 6 vs Nexus 5 vs Nexus 4 vs Galaxy Nexus vs Nexus S vs Nexus One: Specs Shootout

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 16 Oct 2014


The Nexus 6 is a beast of a handset (or phablet) by all means. It sports some impressive next-gen specs that can rival even the likes of the Note 4, LG G3 and other high-end Droids on the market. 

While previous Nexus devices have also had top-notch specs, the Nexus 6 offers the very best of technology that is available today in almost every department.

But how does the latest Nexus stack up against its predecessors — the Nexus 5, 4, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and the Nexus One? How big is the technological leap between the Nexus 6 and the previous Nexus devices? Have a look at our comparison chart below to find out.