New Play Store update brings an activity feed, layout tweaks and IAP indicators

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Dec 2013


Along with Android 4.4.1, Google is also rolling out an update for the Google Play Store app. Play Store updates are automatically done in the background so the user does not really know when it is generally updates. Anyways, the folks over at Android Police have managed to get their hands on the latest update to the Play Store – v4.5.10 – that brings with it quite a lot of changes. 

The major change this update brings is an indicator for in-app purchases. In my opinion, this is a good move from Google as it will let a user know while downloading the app whether it is really free or is filled with IAPs.

There is also a new layout for viewing your own review of an app, and an enlarged five stars so that users can easily rate an app. The update also brings the ability to delete an app review, which was previously not possible. The button to edit an already existing review has also been enlarged and brought to the front for better visibility.

The layout of the review section has also been tweaked and now gives a priority to app reviews from your Google+ contacts.

Last but not the least, the update brings the ability to share your Play Store activity with Google+ users. You can also view the Play Store activity of a particular contact by tapping on their display image from the review section of any app. To view your Play Store activity, tap on your name from the hamburger style slide-out drawer.

I’d recommend our readers to head over to this article from Android Police to download the APK and to know the other changes Google has incoporated in the update.