Netflix Starts Showing up Again on Play Store for Some Rooted and Unlocked Android Devices

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 Oct 2017

Back in May, Netflix blocked its app from being downloaded on unlocked and rooted Android devices. Even sideloading the app did not work since Netflix had started using Google’s Widevine DRM to prevent the app from working on devices that were not certified by Google Play.

It looks like Netflix has now had a change of heart as the app has now started showing up on many rooted/unlocked Android devices. It is unclear if this is an error from Google’s or Netflix’s part since the app does not show up in search results on all rooted devices. When contacted by Android Police, Netflix said that it still continues to make use of Google’s SafetyNet mechanism and nothing has changed on that front. Thus, this likely points to this being an error on Google’s part which means now that it has been discovered, it should be fixed soon.

If you have a rooted device which fails the SafetyNet check, you can try using SuHide or Magisk to try and hide root access information from Netflix/Widevine DRM. However, depending on your device, your mileage might vary.

Does the Netflix app show up in the Play Store on your rooted/unlocked Android device? Drop a comment and let us know if it does along with details of your device.

[Via Android Police]