Motorola teases the wooden backed Moto X once again, looks like they’ll miss Christmas

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 17 Dec 2013

Motorola’s flagship 2013 smartphone, the Moto X, may only be on sale in North America, but that limited geographic footprint has allowed the company to focus on offering customers levels of device customization that the mobile industry has never seen before. You get to pick the color of the front of your phone, the back of your phone, the ring around the camera lens, the buttons, everything! But there’s one customization that Motorola promised that they’ve yet to deliver. And that’s wood.

A smartphone with a wooden back might not immediately sound like something you’d want to buy, but after the first photos of the device hit the internet, for many it was love at first site. Earlier this week, Motorola took to Google+ to tease the wooden Moto X again, this time with a message that says: “Put this DIY project on hold. Trust us.” The text is next to an image paneling with a Moto X cut-out.

But let’s be serious. Today is December 17th. Christmas is eight days away. There is absolutely zero chance of Motorola offering these wood phones in time for the holidays. Will they at least be able to hit the end of calendar 2013? Probably not, which is a shame, because time is of the essence. Having a Moto X with a wooden back is cool for six months, one year, maybe even two, but after that, when Android 7.4 is out and the iPhone 9 is about to come out, are you going to want to still be using a late 2013 smartphone?