New Moto X benchmarks reveal this phone would’ve been a flagship device 12 months ago

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 22 Jul 2013

People buy things for different reasons. I don’t have to tell you that. When it comes to smartphones, you might care about having the latest and greatest specifications, but someone else might care about getting the best hardware at a certain price point. Others simply want a phone that looks good, specs be damned. We all know Motorola is going to unveil a phone on August 1st, but how exactly is it going to be marketed?

We’ll have to wait until August to find out, but thanks to some benchmark numbers obtained by Android Police, at least we know who this phone isn’t for: The Hardware Freak. Scoring “just” a hair over 18,700 points on AnTuTu, the Moto X is a tiny bit faster than the Note II in my pocket, which means the phone is as good as a 2012 flagship, but not an ounce better.

Will this be a problem? Like I said, if you’re a spec whore, you’ll hate this thing, but I say you shouldn’t judge the Moto X until you know everything about it and it’s been properly reviewed.