Moto 360 teardown reveals an ancient processor and a smaller battery

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Sep 2014


While most of us folks are either busy cribbing about the poor battery life of the Moto 360 or actually order one, the folks over at iFixit have gone ahead and given the smartwatch a teardown treatment. 

The teardown reveals quite a few interesting tidbits about the Moto 360 including the presence of a TI OMAP 3 processor — which is based on the 45nm fabrication process. It was already known that the Moto 360 was powered by an OMAP processor from TI, but no one in their wildest dream would have imagined that Motorola will end up using a 2 year old processor on its smartwatch. This is the exact same processor that Motorola had used in its first wearable watch — the MotoACTV — which was released more than 2 years ago.

For comparison’s sake, the Snapdragon 400 SoC found inside other Android Wear watches is based on the 28nm LP process, which makes them more efficient and less power hungry.

Internally, Motorola has used a lot of adhesive to keep the Moto 360 pieced together. There is also a rubber ring running inside the device to make sure that water does not seep in and damages the device. Interestingly, the iFixit folks found that the Moto 360 comes with a 300mAh battery, which is slightly lower (320mAh) than what Motorola advertises on their website.

In the end though, iFixit gives the Moto 360 a repairability score of only 3 out of 10. This means that if you end up damaging your unit somehow, it is better to give it to Motorola for repairing rather than trying to fix it on your own.

[Via iFixit]