Mentions Feature in WhatsApp Goes Live

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 20 Sep 2016


WhatsApp has traditionally been very slow in rolling out new features to its messaging platform. Since being acquired by Facebook and over the last one year though, the team behind WhatsApp have really stepped up their game. They have added features like end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp calling, ability to send any files, formatted text, and more.

And today, taking a cue out of Telegram and likes, WhatsApp has enabled the mentions feature on its platform. This means that just like on Twitter and Facebook, you can mention someone in your WhatsApp message by using the ‘@’ symbol followed by their name. Using the ‘@’ symbol will automatically bring up a list of names of users who are a part of group conversation.


The mentions feature will only work in a group conversation, and not in individual conversations.

WhatsApp is enabling the mentions feature through a server-side flip and not via an update to its app through the Google Play Store. So, if the feature is not already live for you already, it should within the next few days.