LG G6 Photographed in the Wild With a Shiny Back

BY Evan Selleck

Published 2 Feb 2017

Later this month, LG is going to unveil the G6, the company’s newest flagship handset. So there’s still plenty of room for leaks to emerge.

This new photo appears to show the G6 out in the wild, and a lot more in shape than the previous prototype model that allegedly leaked out. We can see the clear “G6” logo there at the bottom, along with the dual-camera setup near the top. The most noteworthy thing here is just how shiny that back panel appears to be.

Shiny phones are in, apparently.

Nothing is official by any means here, but it does seem to line up with the previous rumors, and certainly with that aforementioned prototype unit. So while that salt shaker should be handy with these sorts of leaks, for now this seems like a legitimate look at the Life’s Good crew’s upcoming flagship.

Are you excited for the G6?

[via Business Insider]