LG G Pad 8.3 leaks, looks like a jumbo G2

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 27 Aug 2013


LG, along with every other technology company under the sun, is going to be at IFA in Berlin next week. What is the South Korean company going to announce there? The full lineup hasn’t leaked yet, but it’s now been confirmed that the “G Pad 8.3” will be at the show. I say “confirmed” because LG themselves just published a video on YouTube that’s basically a 78 second montage of people saying what they want in a tablet. At the very end of the video is a huge block of text that says “G Pad 8.3”, so that’s confirmation enough for me for the product name.


What do we know about the tablet? The specs leaked a couple of weeks ago: Snapdragon processor (600 or 800 wasn’t specified), 8.3 inch 1920 x 1200 pixel screen, 2 GB of RAM. Last night, however, a photo of the device also leaked. Unsurprisingly, it’s a jumbo version of LG’s flagship, the G2.

Should you be excited about this product? Yes and no. On paper, it looks highly capable. And judging by the photo, it could be smaller than the Nexus 7 since the bezels are tinier. The only thing that can and probably will hold this device back is the price tag. With a retina iPad mini just around the corner, will people want to pick up a similarly priced Android tablet?

I don’t think so.