HTC says One preorders have “far exceeded” their original expectations

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 26 Mar 2013

HTC’s 2013 flagship smartphone, the One, is going to make or break the company. I’m not being hyperbolic, rumor has it that Peter Chou, HTC’s CEO, told his employees that he’s going to step down should the One fail to gain any traction.

According to a story in Focus Taiwan, it looks like Peter doesn’t have anything to worry about. The report says that preorders for the One have “far exceeded” the company’s internal target.

Do I know what that target was? Sadly, no.

In a separate story, also on Focus Taiwan, the site says that preorders for the One in the United States hit “several hundred thousand”. Again, that could mean anything, so I’m unable to make a comment either congratulating HTC or sending them off to an early grave.

But let’s not beat around the bush, the Galaxy S4 will outsell the One. Period. Samsung has the resources to make that happen. That being said, the One doesn’t need to outsell the GS4 to be a success. It just needs to sell enough units to give HTC some breathing room.