HTC One (M8) pictured with dual-camera sensor

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Feb 2014

Up until now, @evleaks has leaked quite a bit of information about the next-gen One including the fact that its design would be very similar to the current-gen One. Today, we may have gotten the first look at the next-gen One, codenamed M8, confirming some of the rumors about the device.

From the leaked image posted by @htcfamily_ru, the M8 looks very similar to the current-gen One, except for some minor modifications to include new hardware. The image of the back of the phone shows off twin camera sensors accompanied by an dual-LED flash.


Earlier this year, Bloomberg had reported that the M8 is going to come with dual-camera sensors and this leaked image very much confirms this rumor.

Considering how most of the rumors about the next-gen One are coming true, it might very well be possible that the rumor of the handset being unveiled sometime in late-March turns out to be true as well.

However, I personally think that the hole for the second camera is at a very weird position. It may very well be possible that the hole at the top is for a fingerprint sensor and not for a camera module. What do you think? Drop in a comment and do let us know!