HTC One coming to Verizon “later this summer”

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 3 Jun 2013


Living in the United States and lusting after the HTC One but afraid to give up on Verizon’s excellent 4G network? Well, after months of rumours and speculations, HTC and Verizon have finally gone ahead and announced the One for the largest carrier of the United States. 

Verizon did not really provide much information about the pricing or the release date of the handset, except for announcing that the device is coming “later this summer”. While it is nice to see HTC finally releasing its flagship handset on all the four major carriers of the United States, I cannot help but wonder the poor timing of the release.

By the time the One comes to the Verizon’s network, the next generation iPhone and the Galaxy Note III will be around the corner and everyone will be talking about them, and not the One.