HTC hires former US Samsung marketing executive as a consultant

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Apr 2014


Its no secret that HTC’s advertising campaigns are absolutely terrible. It does not matter if the company can make excellent products like the HTC One; until it can market them properly to consumers, its phones are not going to sell in tens of millions of units. Things might soon change for the good though, as HTC has reportedly picked up Samsung’s ex-marketing executive in the United States — Paul Golden.

Paul has played a major role in making Samsung’s ‘Galaxy’ brand a household name in the United States. He has been hired on a contract as a consultant by HTC and, according to insiders, reports directly to the chairwoman, Cher Wang. It is not yet clear if HTC plans on hiring him for the long-term or not, once his three month contract runs out.

Last year, HTC hired Robert Downey Jr. to highlight its brand and the One (M7). Sadly, the series of ads that followed was confusing and barely showed the final product. The company’s latest adverts for the One (M8) star Gary Oldman and are a huge step up from its efforts last year.

Here is hoping that Paul Golden is able to bring the HTC brand into many homes in the United States, just like he was able to do with Samsung’s Galaxy.

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