HTC says they’ll launch a second generation Butterfly, fails to mention any specific details

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 26 Mar 2013

I’m terribly confused. HTC launched a high end phone called the Butterfly during the last quarter of 2012. A few short months later, they announced the One, the ultimate Android smartphone, at least until Samsung’s Galaxy S4 starts shipping. Now, according to the HTC’s Chief Marketing Officer Benjamin Ho, HTC is already working on a successor to the Butterfly that will retain the same Butterfly branding. Whether that means Butterfly II, I’m not exactly sure.

Will this new Butterfly will be better than the One? And why does the Butterfly even exist in a world with the One? Samsung’s portfolio might be bloated, but it makes sense. Make a smartphone at every size between three inches and six inches; eight inches if you count the newest member of the Note family. Apple’s strategy is the one one every year model.

And as for HTC … I’m just left scratching my head.