HTC 10 teases performance in latest image

BY Evan Selleck

Published 29 Mar 2016

HTC 10 Performance teaser

HTC, up to this point, hasn’t been shy about teasing the HTC 10, the company’s upcoming flagship. That trend continues with the latest image.

The manufacturer released the image on Twitter, following in the steps of its previous leaks, and the image is, as usual, a dark composition that only lights up a few key aspects. In this image, which teases the performance of the flagship, we can see two capacitive buttons flanking a fingerprint reader, and what appears to be a pretty sleek looking device.

The image also adds some text, reading “performance” to the tenth power. HTC also says that, “You’ll feel it,” when it comes to the HTC 10’s performance:

There isn’t much to go on here, as usual. HTC has already teased “the new boom” for audio in the upcoming device, as well as a “world class” camera, and all of these are building towards a big reveal on April 12.

Are you looking forward to the HTC 10?

[via @HTC]