How to Use WhatsApp Without SIM Card on Android

BY AndroidBeat Contributor

Published 25 Jul 2018

How to Use WhatsApp Without SIM Card on Android

WhatsApp is built such that it works only with a phone number. This means you need to have active SIM card inside your phone which is verified by WhatsApp to use the messaging.

In case you do not want to use a SIM card or an actual phone number, how do you go about it? The trick is that WhatsApp doesn’t check for a physical SIM inside your phone, but rather depends on verification of the number. In this guide, I will share some simple tips to use WhatsApp without SIM card in your phone.

How to Use WhatsApp Without SIM card and Number

The idea is to use services which offer you a valid number with free call and SMS or if you just want to have WhatsApp on some other phone, and your sim in another, that’s possible as well.

Use third-party apps

Google Play Store has tons of apps which offer you a valid phone number. Once verified, you will never have to look back unless you reset or switch to a new phone. TextNow, Text Me, Free Text and Call and so on. I have tried most of them, but TextNow is what I would recommend. You don’t have to pay anything to get a free number, and if you plan to keep the number, you need to keep using it once in a while. Probably try sending an SMS to this number from time to time. That said, even if the number gets inactive, WhatsApp is not going to check if the number has been deactivated unless you need to send or receive a real SMS.

Step 1: Download TextNow on your phone and open it. Proceed to sign-up for the service where it will offer you a free number with SMS and call facility. Note down the number along with area code.

TextMe Free Phone Number

Step 2:  Install WhatsApp, and enter the details you noted above. This will also work with App Cloning Apps. Enter the number, and wait for SMS. If you get an SMS, use it for verification.

In case you didn’t get the SMS, use the call verification process. Note down the code from the call. Use that number to verify in WhatsApp, and it will work like a charm. While this method will work, it is recommended that you use it only for legal purposes. We do not encourage you to use this for spamming or any illegal activities.

Note: It is possible that the number may get rejected by WhatsApp. If that is the case, you will have to try with another number.

Use WhatsApp With Your Number But Without SIM Card

Like I said above, WhatsApp doesn’t really check if a physical SIM is inserted in your device or not. So if you install WhatsApp on a different phone and use the number which is on another phone, it will still work. Install WhatsApp on another phone. Then, enter the phone number. Note down the verification code which you receive on your phone which has the SIM. Validate it on the phone which has WhatsApp installed.

These are the two best ways to use WhatsApp on any phone without a SIM Card. I know many friends who have a second number which they use for WhatsApp and other social activity, and keep their primary number off the messaging and social platform.