Here’s the front panel for the HTC Butterfly II

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 30 Sep 2013

Late last week, rumors out of Taiwan came out saying HTC is going to launch a device called the “Butterfly II” that’ll have a 5.2 inch 1080p screen and a Snapdragon 800. Said device is also supposed to be waterproof, like all of Sony’s recent devices. Today, courtesy of PhoneArena, we now have photos of the front of device, kind of. The photos are of the front panel, not of the device itself, but there’s still enough there for us to speculate about the handset.

First thing you’ll notice is that HTC is going to change the design of the Butterfly to more closely resemble that of the One. Whereas the Butterfly and Butterfly s come with three capacitive keys, for home, menu, and back, this Butterfly II front panel suggests that we’re only going to get two keys: back and home. While not a deal breaker, it’s still an odd placement that people will have to learn.

Second, that slit in the bottom could be for many things, but something tells me it’ll be for a front facing speaker. Why wouldn’t HTC keep BoomSound? Everyone I know who owns a one says it’s arguably the best feature of the phone. The Butterfly s has BoomSound, so it only makes sense to stick it in the Butterfly II.

And lastly, while I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the Butterfly II will have zero bezels, it’ll definitely have narrower bezels than most other HTC devices, which is welcome. Especially considering that the screen will be pretty big.