Hangouts for Android gets support for stickers, video filters, smarter location sharing and more

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 10 Dec 2014


At the LeWeb conference, VP of Product for Google+ Bradley Horowitz announced that the Hangouts for Android will be getting a major update today with some fun new features. 

Post the update, Hangouts will support 16 different sticker pages along with two different easter eggs that can be viewed by typing in “happy birthday” or “woot” in a chat box. Additionally, Hangouts users on Android will also be able to apply filters to their video calls in real time. The effects included by Google are nothing special, and include Black and white, Sepia, Vignette and more.

Stickers in Hangouts

The highlight of this update, however, is how Google is working on making Hangouts smarter by integrating its various services together. Now, when you send someone asks you the question “where are you?”, Hangouts will automatically show a prompt to share your location. Post the update, Hangouts for Android will also show a “last seen” timestamp for all users, just like Whatsapp.


While it is nice to see Google adding stickers support to Hangouts, all the other major messaging services added support for it months ago. Better late than never, I guess.

The update will also give the Hangouts app a slight Material makeover with colored status bar, a full-height navigation drawer, and a new icon. The update is slated to go live on Google Play later today.

[Via TechCrunch]