Video: Guy takes a series of knives to the Samsung Galaxy S4, and nothing happens

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 22 Apr 2013

Some guy who is a part of Samsung Romania’s Mobilers program (read: he gets phones to review) recently made a video that’s been circulating around Android sites like crazy. Did he uncover some awesome unheard of GS4 feature? Did he get a prototype of a device that hasn’t been announced?

No. He took a butter knife, a serrated knife, and a bunch of coins to the GS4’s screen, tried to scratch the living bejesus out of it, and he failed. Why? Because Samsung’s 2013 flagship uses Gorilla Glass 3 technology. What’s different about Gorilla Glass 3 compared to the two previous versions? Gorilla Glass 2 was just as strong as Gorilla Glass 1, but 20% thinner, and Gorilla Glass 3 is allegedly three times as strong as Gorilla Glass 2.

Does any of this matter? No. Someone, somewhere, will drop their GS4 and shatter the display. It’s inevitable. Fancy screen technology helps prevent accidents, but there’s only so much it can do when put against cobble stone European streets, American concrete, and heavy Asian pedestrian traffic.