Google Confirms This Is the Pixel 4

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 Jun 2019

Last year, the Pixel 3 leaked in extensive details months ahead of its release. This year, we already got a glimpse at the Pixel 4 design in leaked renders. I guess Google wanted to avoid itself the same embarrassment as last year which is why it has gone ahead and simply confirmed the Pixel 4 design months ahead of its release.

It is an unprecedented move by Google — or for any smartphone OEM for that matter — to go ahead and confirm the design of their upcoming smartphone months ahead of its release. We are still in July while Google usually tends to announce new Pixel smartphones in the first couple of weeks of October.

Anyways, the renders shared by Google confirm that the Pixel 4 will feature a square camera bump which will house two camera sensors, an LED flash, and what seems like a LaserAF or ToF sensor. The second new sensor is likely going to be an ultra-wide angle shooter. This means that just like last year, Google is going to rely on its machine learning prowess to offer high-quality digital zoom on the Pixel 4 instead of using a dedicated 2x or higher optical zoom.

A theory that’s floating around on the internet is that Google seemingly has three different design teams working on the Pixel 4. The company will go with the design that looks the best and the multiple design teams would ensure that the final design does not leak out months ahead of its release. And so, Google is just trolling everyone since it knows that this is not the final design of the Pixel 4. It is unclear how much truth there is to this story.

The company could have also confirmed the final design of the Pixel 4 to kill the excitement and buzz around all future leaks of the phone.

What are your thoughts on this Pixel 4 design? And this odd move by Google to confirm its design months ahead of its release? Drop a comment and let us know!