Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 hits the Bluetooth SIG, is an announcement due soon?

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 29 Apr 2013

If you plan on making a consumer electronics device that has Bluetooth support, you should to get it certified by the Bluetooth SIG. Samsung, looking to follow the rules, listed a tablet device called the “SM-T311” on the Bluetooth SIG’s website. According to Unwired View, that’s the model name for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab 3.

What’s the Tab 3 going to be all about? Supposedly it’ll have an 8 inch screen that pushes 1280 x 800 pixels, a quad core processor, and it’ll be less than 7 mm thin. So basically it’s a Galaxy Note 8.0, minus the stylus. I hope that the Tab 3 will retain the design language of the previous Galaxy Tab (pictured above), but I have my doubts. Samsung just loves making everything look like a GS3.

When will this thing be announced? Rumors published by the WSJ late last week suggest June, which is right around the corner. How much will it cost? Tough question. I can’t imagine it being more than the $400 Note 8.0, unless Samsung does something crazy and put an 8 inch AMOLED panel inside.