Focal – CyanogenMod’s Camera app now available on the Play Store

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 22 Sep 2013


Remember the CyanogenMod and Focal drama? Well, the original developer of the app – Guillaume Lesniak – has gone ahead and released the beta version of the app on the Play Store for all Android 4.2+ devices.

The beta version of the app is newer than what was bundled into CyanogenMod, and includes a new icon along with a slightly updated UI. Even though Focal is in beta, it is the most cutomizable and feature-rich camera app I have seen on the Play Store.

– A photo and video mode, supporting many features (burst mode, timer mode, scene mode, shutter speed on Sony devices, …)
– A panorama mode, currently semi-broken
– A PicSphere mode, open-source replacement of Google’s PhotoSphere, to do 360° sphere shots
– A review drawer, by sliding from the top of the screen (in portrait). It shows your latest pictures.

In photo mode, you also have access to a few tools, such as automatic picture enhancement (auto-awesome), or a rule of thirds overlay. On some devices, settings such as Color adjustment, HDR and a manual light measure point are also available. Double tapping the screen will put your in quick shot mode, where tapping the screen anywhere will take a picture.

In video mode, high-framerate video is also possible.

The widget based UI is fully customizable, allowing users to select which widgets and settings they want on the sidebar for quick access. The app also includes an open-source implementation of PhotoSphere known as PicSphere.

Focal can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. Since the app is in beta, don’t forget to send bug reports to the developer if you come across any bugs or crashes.