Facebook Save lets you keep those important links, pages and quizzes stored to read later

BY Evan Selleck

Published 21 Jul 2014

image Facebook Save2

Living a busy life means that sometimes, maybe even frequently, you just can’t click on that link just yet, or read that important article, or even take that meaningful quiz about which breed of dog you might be. Read-it-later options exist, but now Facebook wants to make it easier on you by introducing their own in-house option.

Facebook Save was officially announced via the Facebook blog on July 21, and it does pretty much what the name implies. By utilizing the Save functionality, which is baked into the Facebook application on Android as well as available through the web, you can make sure to have those important things waiting for you when you get some free time. The Save feature is located in the “More” portion of the side-bar in the Facebook app, and it’s readily available in the menu on the left.

image Facebook Save

Facebook is also including notifications for the things you save, including Pages for movies, bands, and other features. So if a restaurant posts something and you have the establishment saved, you’ll get a notification about the new status update.

Facebook is rolling out Save now, and it should be available to everyone in the next week or so. You can check out the video showcasing the new feature below. (https://insider-gaming.com/)

[Via Facebook Newsroom]