Facebook launches Messenger for web browsers

BY Evan Selleck

Published 8 Apr 2015

Facebook Messenger in browser

Facebook has a lot of apps and services, and that growth will continue for quite some time. Of course, making what it already has available in more places is also a fundamental objective of the social networking giant as well.

So, for someone who might want to chat with friends and family members on Facebook via Messenger, but doesn’t want to get distracted by the Facebook page proper, Messenger.com will gladly fit the bill. The new page is located at Messenger.com, and users will still need their Facebook login to access it. But, once through the gate, users will be able to use Messenger.com in the same way they would use Messenger on the main Facebook page, or on their mobile devices.

Good news: Facebook doesn’t have any plans to remove Messenger from the standard Facebook page at this time, so users don’t need to traverse to the new website just to talk to their friends and family members just yet.

[via iPhoneHacks;Re/code]