Facebook launches a dedicated ‘Groups’ app

BY Evan Selleck

Published 18 Nov 2014

image Facebook Groups app

Facebook isn’t shy about dedicated apps, and now the social networking giant has just launched a brand new one geared towards another one of its tentpole attributes.

Facebook Groups is officially out there in the wild, for free no less, and its namesake gives away the ultimate purpose: A dedicated application for Facebook users to dig into their favorite Groups, interact with the content therein, and the users who share the same likes. With the new app, users will be able to see their most liked Groups right there at the top for easy access, but finding the other Groups that a user is a part of is also easy.

The app features a Create button, too, which will allow users to start a new Group if they can’t find one that fits their needs in the moment. Notifications for the Group can also be tracked from within the app, and users can alter which notifications they receive, just in case they don’t want to get swamped.

Finally, the Groups app also features a Discover tab, which, as one can expect, allows for the Groups app to suggest new Groups to join based on Pages that you’ve liked, your friends and your location, and Groups that your friends have joined.

The app is available now through Google Play, and it’s free.

[via Facebook]